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Use GitHub emojis from their API as an npm package

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🙋‍♂️ Why?

GitHub has an API end-point for emojis but the response is static and it counts against your rate limit quota. This package contains the response in JSON, UMD, and ESM formats.

🚀 Install

npm i gh-emojis

🚦 Quick Setup

import ghEmojis from 'gh-emojis';

For Browsers


import ghEmojis from '';



👬 Similar packages

  • github-api-emojis - Also uses the GitHub API but omits asset URLs. Only in CommonJS format.
  • github-emoji - Also uses the GitHub API but comes with an extra JS API. Only in CommonJS format.

⭐️ Emojis

Name Emoji Name Emoji
100 1234
+1 -1
1st_place_medal 2nd_place_medal
3rd_place_medal 8ball
a ab
abacus abc
abcd accept
adhesive_bandage adult
aerial_tramway afghanistan
airplane aland_islands
alarm_clock albania
alembic algeria
alien ambulance
american_samoa amphora
anchor andorra
angel anger
angola angry
anguilla anguished
ant antarctica
antigua_barbuda apple
aquarius argentina
aries armenia
arrow_backward arrow_double_down
arrow_double_up arrow_down
arrow_down_small arrow_forward
arrow_heading_down arrow_heading_up
arrow_left arrow_lower_left
arrow_lower_right arrow_right
arrow_right_hook arrow_up
arrow_up_down arrow_up_small
arrow_upper_left arrow_upper_right
arrows_clockwise arrows_counterclockwise
art articulated_lorry
artificial_satellite artist
aruba ascension_island
asterisk astonished
astronaut athletic_shoe
atm atom
atom_symbol australia
austria auto_rickshaw
avocado axe
azerbaijan b
baby baby_bottle
baby_chick baby_symbol
back bacon
badger badminton
bagel baggage_claim
baguette_bread bahamas
bahrain balance_scale
bald_man bald_woman
ballet_shoes balloon
ballot_box ballot_box_with_check
bamboo banana
bangbang bangladesh
banjo bank
bar_chart barbados
barber baseball
basecamp basecampy
basket basketball
basketball_man basketball_woman
bat bath
bathtub battery
beach_umbrella bear
bearded_person bed
bee beer
beers beetle
beginner belarus
belgium belize
bell bellhop_bell
benin bento
bermuda beverage_box
bhutan bicyclist
bike biking_man
biking_woman bikini
billed_cap biohazard
bird birthday
black_circle black_flag
black_heart black_joker
black_large_square black_medium_small_square
black_medium_square black_nib
black_small_square black_square_button
blond_haired_man blond_haired_person
blond_haired_woman blonde_woman
blossom blowfish
blue_book blue_car
blue_heart blue_square
blush boar
boat bolivia
bomb bone
book bookmark
bookmark_tabs books
boom boot
bosnia_herzegovina botswana
bouncing_ball_man bouncing_ball_person
bouncing_ball_woman bouquet
bouvet_island bow
bow_and_arrow bowing_man
bowing_woman bowl_with_spoon
bowling bowtie
boxing_glove boy
brain brazil
bread breast_feeding
bricks bride_with_veil
bridge_at_night briefcase
british_indian_ocean_territory british_virgin_islands
broccoli broken_heart
broom brown_circle
brown_heart brown_square
brunei bug
building_construction bulb
bulgaria bullettrain_front
bullettrain_side burkina_faso
burrito burundi
bus business_suit_levitating
busstop bust_in_silhouette
busts_in_silhouette butter
butterfly cactus
cake calendar
call_me_hand calling
cambodia camel
camera camera_flash
cameroon camping
canada canary_islands
cancer candle
candy canned_food
canoe cape_verde
capital_abcd capricorn
car card_file_box
card_index card_index_dividers
caribbean_netherlands carousel_horse
carrot cartwheeling
cat cat2
cayman_islands cd
central_african_republic ceuta_melilla
chad chains
chair champagne
chart chart_with_downwards_trend
chart_with_upwards_trend checkered_flag
cheese cherries
cherry_blossom chess_pawn
chestnut chicken
child children_crossing
chile chipmunk
chocolate_bar chopsticks
christmas_island christmas_tree
church cinema
circus_tent city_sunrise
city_sunset cityscape
cl clamp
clap clapper
classical_building climbing
climbing_man climbing_woman
clinking_glasses clipboard
clipperton_island clock1
clock10 clock1030
clock11 clock1130
clock12 clock1230
clock130 clock2
clock230 clock3
clock330 clock4
clock430 clock5
clock530 clock6
clock630 clock7
clock730 clock8
clock830 clock9
clock930 closed_book
closed_lock_with_key closed_umbrella
cloud cloud_with_lightning
cloud_with_lightning_and_rain cloud_with_rain
cloud_with_snow clown_face
clubs cn
coat cocktail
coconut cocos_islands
coffee coffin
cold_face cold_sweat
collision colombia
comet comoros
compass computer
computer_mouse confetti_ball
confounded confused
congo_brazzaville congo_kinshasa
congratulations construction
construction_worker construction_worker_man
construction_worker_woman control_knobs
convenience_store cook
cook_islands cookie
cool cop
copyright corn
costa_rica cote_divoire
couch_and_lamp couple
couple_with_heart couple_with_heart_man_man
couple_with_heart_woman_man couple_with_heart_woman_woman
couplekiss couplekiss_man_man
couplekiss_man_woman couplekiss_woman_woman
cow cow2
cowboy_hat_face crab
crayon credit_card
crescent_moon cricket
cricket_game croatia
crocodile croissant
crossed_fingers crossed_flags
crossed_swords crown
cry crying_cat_face
crystal_ball cuba
cucumber cup_with_straw
cupcake cupid
curacao curling_stone
curly_haired_man curly_haired_woman
curly_loop currency_exchange
curry cursing_face
custard customs
cut_of_meat cyclone
cyprus czech_republic
dagger dancer
dancers dancing_men
dancing_women dango
dark_sunglasses dart
dash date
de deaf_man
deaf_person deaf_woman
deciduous_tree deer
denmark department_store
derelict_house desert
desert_island desktop_computer
detective diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside
diamonds diego_garcia
disappointed disappointed_relieved
diving_mask diya_lamp
dizzy dizzy_face
djibouti dna
do_not_litter dog
dog2 dollar
dolls dolphin
dominica dominican_republic
door doughnut
dove dragon
dragon_face dress
dromedary_camel drooling_face
drop_of_blood droplet
drum duck
dumpling dvd
e-mail eagle
ear ear_of_rice
ear_with_hearing_aid earth_africa
earth_americas earth_asia
ecuador egg
eggplant egypt
eight eight_pointed_black_star
eight_spoked_asterisk eject_button
el_salvador electric_plug
electron elephant
elf elf_man
elf_woman email
end england
envelope envelope_with_arrow
equatorial_guinea eritrea
es estonia
ethiopia eu
euro european_castle
european_post_office european_union
evergreen_tree exclamation
exploding_head expressionless
eye eye_speech_bubble
eyeglasses eyes
face_with_head_bandage face_with_thermometer
facepalm facepunch
factory factory_worker
fairy fairy_man
fairy_woman falafel
falkland_islands fallen_leaf
family family_man_boy
family_man_boy_boy family_man_girl
family_man_girl_boy family_man_girl_girl
family_man_man_boy family_man_man_boy_boy
family_man_man_girl family_man_man_girl_boy
family_man_man_girl_girl family_man_woman_boy
family_man_woman_boy_boy family_man_woman_girl
family_man_woman_girl_boy family_man_woman_girl_girl
family_woman_boy family_woman_boy_boy
family_woman_girl family_woman_girl_boy
family_woman_girl_girl family_woman_woman_boy
family_woman_woman_boy_boy family_woman_woman_girl
family_woman_woman_girl_boy family_woman_woman_girl_girl
farmer faroe_islands
fast_forward fax
fearful feelsgood
feet female_detective
female_sign ferris_wheel
ferry field_hockey
fiji file_cabinet
file_folder film_projector
film_strip finland
finnadie fire
fire_engine fire_extinguisher
firecracker firefighter
fireworks first_quarter_moon
first_quarter_moon_with_face fish
fish_cake fishing_pole_and_fish
fist fist_left
fist_oncoming fist_raised
fist_right five
flags flamingo
flashlight flat_shoe
fleur_de_lis flight_arrival
flight_departure flipper
floppy_disk flower_playing_cards
flushed flying_disc
flying_saucer fog
foggy foot
football footprints
fork_and_knife fortune_cookie
fountain fountain_pen
four four_leaf_clover
fox_face fr
framed_picture free
french_guiana french_polynesia
french_southern_territories fried_egg
fried_shrimp fries
frog frowning
frowning_face frowning_man
frowning_person frowning_woman
fu fuelpump
full_moon full_moon_with_face
funeral_urn gabon
gambia game_die
garlic gb
gear gem
gemini genie
genie_man genie_woman
georgia ghana
ghost gibraltar
gift gift_heart
giraffe girl
globe_with_meridians gloves
goal_net goat
goberserk godmode
goggles golf
golfing golfing_man
golfing_woman gorilla
grapes greece
green_apple green_book
green_circle green_heart
green_salad green_square
greenland grenada
grey_exclamation grey_question
grimacing grin
grinning guadeloupe
guam guard
guardsman guardswoman
guatemala guernsey
guide_dog guinea
guinea_bissau guitar
gun guyana
haircut haircut_man
haircut_woman haiti
hamburger hammer
hammer_and_pick hammer_and_wrench
hamster hand
hand_over_mouth handbag
handball_person handshake
hankey hash
hatched_chick hatching_chick
headphones health_worker
hear_no_evil heard_mcdonald_islands
heart heart_decoration
heart_eyes heart_eyes_cat
heartbeat heartpulse
hearts heavy_check_mark
heavy_division_sign heavy_dollar_sign
heavy_exclamation_mark heavy_heart_exclamation
heavy_minus_sign heavy_multiplication_x
heavy_plus_sign hedgehog
helicopter herb
hibiscus high_brightness
high_heel hiking_boot
hindu_temple hippopotamus
hocho hole
honduras honey_pot
honeybee hong_kong
horse horse_racing
hospital hot_face
hot_pepper hotdog
hotel hotsprings
hourglass hourglass_flowing_sand
house house_with_garden
houses hugs
hungary hurtrealbad
hushed ice_cream
ice_cube ice_hockey
ice_skate icecream
iceland id
ideograph_advantage imp
inbox_tray incoming_envelope
india indonesia
infinity information_desk_person
information_source innocent
interrobang iphone
iran iraq
ireland isle_of_man
israel it
izakaya_lantern jack_o_lantern
jamaica japan
japanese_castle japanese_goblin
japanese_ogre jeans
jersey jigsaw
jordan joy
joy_cat joystick
jp judge
juggling_person kaaba
kangaroo kazakhstan
kenya key
keyboard keycap_ten
kick_scooter kimono
kiribati kiss
kissing kissing_cat
kissing_closed_eyes kissing_heart
kissing_smiling_eyes kite
kiwi_fruit kneeling_man
kneeling_person kneeling_woman
knife koala
koko kosovo
kr kuwait
kyrgyzstan lab_coat
label lacrosse
lantern laos
large_blue_circle large_blue_diamond
large_orange_diamond last_quarter_moon
last_quarter_moon_with_face latin_cross
latvia laughing
leafy_green leaves
lebanon ledger
left_luggage left_right_arrow
left_speech_bubble leftwards_arrow_with_hook
leg lemon
leo leopard
lesotho level_slider
liberia libra
libya liechtenstein
light_rail link
lion lips
lipstick lithuania
lizard llama
lobster lock
lock_with_ink_pen lollipop
loop lotion_bottle
lotus_position lotus_position_man
lotus_position_woman loud_sound
loudspeaker love_hotel
love_letter love_you_gesture
low_brightness luggage
luxembourg lying_face
m macau
macedonia madagascar
mag mag_right
mage mage_man
mage_woman magnet
mahjong mailbox
mailbox_closed mailbox_with_mail
mailbox_with_no_mail malawi
malaysia maldives
male_detective male_sign
mali malta
man man_artist
man_astronaut man_cartwheeling
man_cook man_dancing
man_facepalming man_factory_worker
man_farmer man_firefighter
man_health_worker man_in_manual_wheelchair
man_in_motorized_wheelchair man_in_tuxedo
man_judge man_juggling
man_mechanic man_office_worker
man_pilot man_playing_handball
man_playing_water_polo man_scientist
man_shrugging man_singer
man_student man_teacher
man_technologist man_with_gua_pi_mao
man_with_probing_cane man_with_turban
mandarin mango
mans_shoe mantelpiece_clock
manual_wheelchair maple_leaf
marshall_islands martial_arts_uniform
martinique mask
massage massage_man
massage_woman mate
mauritania mauritius
mayotte meat_on_bone
mechanic mechanical_arm
mechanical_leg medal_military
medal_sports medical_symbol
mega melon
memo men_wrestling
menorah mens
mermaid merman
merperson metal
metro mexico
microbe micronesia
microphone microscope
middle_finger milk_glass
milky_way minibus
minidisc mobile_phone_off
moldova monaco
money_mouth_face money_with_wings
moneybag mongolia
monkey monkey_face
monocle_face monorail
montenegro montserrat
moon moon_cake
morocco mortar_board
mosque mosquito
motor_boat motor_scooter
motorcycle motorized_wheelchair
motorway mount_fuji
mountain mountain_bicyclist
mountain_biking_man mountain_biking_woman
mountain_cableway mountain_railway
mountain_snow mouse
mouse2 movie_camera
moyai mozambique
mrs_claus muscle
mushroom musical_keyboard
musical_note musical_score
mute myanmar
nail_care name_badge
namibia national_park
nauru nauseated_face
nazar_amulet neckbeard
necktie negative_squared_cross_mark
nepal nerd_face
netherlands neutral_face
new new_caledonia
new_moon new_moon_with_face
new_zealand newspaper
newspaper_roll next_track_button
ng ng_man
ng_woman nicaragua
niger nigeria
night_with_stars nine
niue no_bell
no_bicycles no_entry
no_entry_sign no_good
no_good_man no_good_woman
no_mobile_phones no_mouth
no_pedestrians no_smoking
non-potable_water norfolk_island
north_korea northern_mariana_islands
norway nose
notebook notebook_with_decorative_cover
notes nut_and_bolt
o o2
ocean octocat
octopus oden
office office_worker
oil_drum ok
ok_hand ok_man
ok_person ok_woman
old_key older_adult
older_man older_woman
om oman
on oncoming_automobile
oncoming_bus oncoming_police_car
oncoming_taxi one
one_piece_swimsuit onion
open_book open_file_folder
open_hands open_mouth
open_umbrella ophiuchus
orange orange_book
orange_circle orange_heart
orange_square orangutan
orthodox_cross otter
outbox_tray owl
ox oyster
package page_facing_up
page_with_curl pager
paintbrush pakistan
palau palestinian_territories
palm_tree palms_up_together
panama pancakes
panda_face paperclip
paperclips papua_new_guinea
parachute paraguay
parasol_on_ground parking
parrot part_alternation_mark
partly_sunny partying_face
passenger_ship passport_control
pause_button paw_prints
peace_symbol peach
peacock peanuts
pear pen
pencil pencil2
penguin pensive
people_holding_hands performing_arts
persevere person_bald
person_curly_hair person_fencing
person_in_manual_wheelchair person_in_motorized_wheelchair
person_red_hair person_white_hair
person_with_probing_cane person_with_turban
peru petri_dish
philippines phone
pick pie
pig pig2
pig_nose pill
pilot pinching_hand
pineapple ping_pong
pirate_flag pisces
pitcairn_islands pizza
place_of_worship plate_with_cutlery
play_or_pause_button pleading_face
point_down point_left
point_right point_up
point_up_2 poland
police_car police_officer
policeman policewoman
poodle poop
popcorn portugal
post_office postal_horn
postbox potable_water
potato pouch
poultry_leg pound
pout pouting_cat
pouting_face pouting_man
pouting_woman pray
prayer_beads pregnant_woman
pretzel previous_track_button
prince princess
printer probing_cane
puerto_rico punch
purple_circle purple_heart
purple_square purse
pushpin put_litter_in_its_place
qatar question
rabbit rabbit2
raccoon racehorse
racing_car radio
radio_button radioactive
rage rage1
rage2 rage3
rage4 railway_car
railway_track rainbow
rainbow_flag raised_back_of_hand
raised_eyebrow raised_hand
raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed raised_hands
raising_hand raising_hand_man
raising_hand_woman ram
ramen rat
razor receipt
record_button recycle
red_car red_circle
red_envelope red_haired_man
red_haired_woman red_square
registered relaxed
relieved reminder_ribbon
repeat repeat_one
rescue_worker_helmet restroom
reunion revolving_hearts
rewind rhinoceros
ribbon rice
rice_ball rice_cracker
rice_scene right_anger_bubble
ring ringed_planet
robot rocket
rofl roll_eyes
roll_of_paper roller_coaster
romania rooster
rose rosette
rotating_light round_pushpin
rowboat rowing_man
rowing_woman ru
rugby_football runner
running running_man
running_shirt_with_sash running_woman
rwanda sa
safety_pin safety_vest
sagittarius sailboat
sake salt
samoa san_marino
sandal sandwich
santa sao_tome_principe
sari sassy_man
sassy_woman satellite
satisfied saudi_arabia
sauna_man sauna_person
sauna_woman sauropod
saxophone scarf
school school_satchel
scientist scissors
scorpion scorpius
scotland scream
scream_cat scroll
seat secret
see_no_evil seedling
selfie senegal
serbia service_dog
seven seychelles
shallow_pan_of_food shamrock
shark shaved_ice
sheep shell
shield shinto_shrine
ship shipit
shirt shit
shoe shopping
shopping_cart shorts
shower shrimp
shrug shushing_face
sierra_leone signal_strength
singapore singer
sint_maarten six
six_pointed_star skateboard
ski skier