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A command-line tool to help identify problems with GFP modules


npm install gfp-doctor -g


When in a GFP repository folder, run gfp-doctor

Usage: gfp-doctor [options]


    -V, --version               output the version number
    -v, --verbose
    -s, --silent
    -pp, --package-path <path>  override default path for package.json
    -h, --help                  output usage information


  1. package.json

    1. Should use eslint-config-gfp

    2. Should use public npm version of eslint-config-gfp

    3. Should use public npm version angular-module-no-deps

    4. Should use documentation

    5. Should use some lint script

    6. Should use babel-cli

    7. Should use babel-core

    8. Should use babel-loader

    9. Should use babel-plugin-istanbul

    10. Should use babel-plugin-transform-runtime

    11. Should use babel-preset-env

    12. Should use babel-preprocessor

    13. Should use puppeteer

    14. Should use headless Chrome

    15. Should use prepush hooks

    16. Should use public require-polyfill

    17. Should use eslint-config-gfp 3.0.0 and up

    18. Should use gfp-doctor 1.12.0 and up

    19. Should run gfp-doctor as postinstall

    20. Should use karma 1.7.0 and up

    21. Should use karma-coverage 1.1.0 and up

    22. Should use karma-jasmine 1.1.0 and up

  2. .eslintrc

    1. Should use valid-jsdoc rule
    2. Should use require-jsdoc rule
  3. karma.conf.js

    1. Should use angular and angular-mocks from node_modules
  4. bower.json

    1. Should not have "version" property
  5. .babelrc

    1. Should use "plugin istanbul" test
    2. Should use "babel-preset-env" presets


Create a branch or fork, then submit PR.

Remember to:

  • Update
  • Update
  • npm run lint
  • npm test

Please respect the .editorconfig and .eslintrc. Basically:

  • UTF-8
  • Unix linebreaks
  • 4 space indentation
  • Semicolons

Adding new tests

  1. Create a new file in /lib and require it in lib/index.js
  2. The new file should return an array with the following format to the run function in lib/index.js:
        desc: 'a description of the test being made',
        errorMsg: 'a descriptive error message',
        run: 'a proposed solution that is copy paste friendly through the command line. [This property is not a requirement]'
        passed: Boolean


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