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    Installs powershell into an internal cache and exposes it to your npm scripts.

    Alternatively, install it globally for a super-simple powershell installation.


    I prefer PowerShell to bash for quickly writing npm scripts. (opinion) However, I can't expect collaborators to have it installed.* Adding "get-powershell" as a "devDependency" solves that problem without any extra effort.

    * Even on Windows, "Windows PowerShell" is preinstalled but we want to use pwsh / PowerShell Core, the cross-platform, more up-to-date edition of PowerShell.


    If you just want to use pwsh for your npm scripts, add us as a devDependency:

    npm install --save-dev get-powershell

    If you want pwsh to be globally available as an interactive shell:

    npm install --global get-powershell

    All installations are shared, so you can depend on "get-powershell" in many projects without downloading multiple copies of pwsh. See the FAQ for details.


    // Example package.json
        "devDependencies": {
            // Use the latest get-powershell to install pwsh 6.0.4
            "get-powershell": "pwsh6.0.4"
        "scripts": {
            "test": "pwsh -NoProfile ./scripts/test.ps1"


    Where is powershell installed?

    --global installations go into your npm prefix:

    • Linux and Mac: "<npm prefix>/lib/node_modules/@cspotcode/get-powershell-cache"
    • Windows: "<npm prefix>/node_modules/@cspotcode/get-powershell-cache"

    Local installations go into "$HOME/.npm-get-powershell". We use your $HOME directory because Linux and Mac, by default, require root for global installations, so the npm prefix isn't writable.

    Installation is merely extracting the .zip or .tar.gz download from PowerShell Core's Github releases. No scripts are run; your system is not modified.

    # To view globally installed versions on Linux and Mac
    cd "$(npm get prefix)/lib/node_modules/@cspotcode/get-powershell-cache"
    ls # shows all the versions installed

    Installations are cached and shared, so if you work on 5 different projects that all depend on "get-powershell", only a single copy of pwsh will be downloaded. Subsequent npm installs should be very fast, merely creating a symlink at "./node_modules/.bin/pwsh".

    PowerShell Core is about 50MB to download; 127MB extracted.

    How do I install a specific version of pwsh?

    By default we install the latest version of PowerShell Core. To install a specific version, check the dist-tags and install the one you want.

    npm install get-powershell@pwsh6.0.4

    *Remember, npm dist-tags !== npm versions.


    npm i get-powershell@0.1.1-prerelease





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