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CircleCI nycrc config on GitHub node-current


  1. npm install -g get-open-prs to install globally and to be able to use the keyboard shortcut anywhere.
  2. Get a Github personal access token here. You'll want the following permissions: notifications, public_repo, read:org, read:packages, read:user.
  3. The first time you run get-open-prs, you'll be prompted to set a default list of Github usernames and your Github personal access token. You'll be able to update this later by running get-open-prs --config or overriding with --usernames or --token command options detailed below.


  • You can get the current open prs for your team by typing get-open-prs in any directory.
  • After typing the get-open-prs command, a prompt will appear for you to select a specific pr to review, all open prs (opens link in github displaying all prs), or none to exit the flow. Once you hit enter, your default browser will open the pr.
  • You'll then be given the option to continue reviewing other prs.
  • Optionally, you can create an alias for get-open-prs if that's too many letters to type out. Simply edit ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zprofile (if you use zsh) and add the following:
alias gop="get-open-prs"

In the above, gop is the new shorter command. This could really be anything.


Option Description Default Required
-a, --all Skip Github requests and open browser with all open prs null false
-c, --config Set up default Github token and usernames null false
-o, --owners Restrict to repos owned by specific orgs or users null false
-t, --token Token. Overrides any saved default Github token config or null false
-u, --usernames Usernames. Overrides any saved default usernames config or null false
-v, --verbose Verbose. Print out pull request details false false


Use default github and usernames configuration and get all prs


Update token or usernames default configuration

get-open-prs --config

Pass in multiple usernames override

get-open-prs --usernames "user1 user2 user3 user4"

Pass in one single usernames override

get-open-prs --usernames user1

Go nuts

get-open-prs --usernames "user1 user2" --owners my-awesome-org 




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