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Get Body

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General HTTP request body parser.

Looking for a multipart body parser? Try busboy.


npm install get-body --save


import { parse, json, text, form } from 'get-body'
import { createServer } from 'http'
createServer(function (req) {
  parse(req, req.headers).then(body => console.log(body))


  1. stream: Readable An instance of the request stream
  2. headers: object The raw headers object as a lower-cased map
  3. options: object Parser configuration


  • limit Controls the maximum request body size (default: 100kb).
  • decoders Map of known content-encoding decoders (default: exports.decoders)
  • jsonParse Custom behaviour for JSON parsing (default: strict JSON.parse check)
  • formParse Custom behaviour for form parsing (default: querystring.parse)
  • jsonTypes Array of media types to parse as JSON
  • formTypes Array of media types to parse as a form
  • textTypes Array of media types to parse as text


This project is written using TypeScript and publishes the definitions directly to NPM.


Apache 2.0