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GeoVisio is a complete solution for storing and serving your own 📍📷 geolocated pictures (like StreetView / Mapillary).

➡️ Give it a try at or !

📦 Components

GeoVisio is modular and made of several components, each of them standardized and ♻️ replaceable.

GeoVisio architecture

All of them are 📖 open-source and available online:

🌐 Server 💻 Client
API Website
Blur API Web viewer
GeoPic Tag Reader Command line

🖼️👀 GeoVisio Web Viewer

This repository only contains the interactive Web/JS pictures viewer.


The GeoVisio viewer is a web JS library which displays pictures and sequences from a GeoVisio server, or any STAC API offering geolocated pictures.

Picture viewer screenshot

Its features includes:

  • Move, zoom, drag pictures
  • Travel between pictures in sequences
  • Find pictures by location with a mini-map

Install & run

Our documentation will help you install, configure and use the GeoVisio viewer.

If at some point you're lost or need help, you can contact us through issues or by email.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

More information about developing is available in documentation.

🤗 Special thanks


GeoVisio was made possible thanks to a group of ✨ amazing people ✨ :

  • GéoVélo team, for 💶 funding initial development and for 🔍 testing/improving software
  • Carto Cité team (in particular Antoine Riche), for 💶 funding improvements on viewer (map browser, flat pictures support)
  • La Fabrique des Géocommuns (IGN) for offering long-term support and funding the Panoramax initiative and core team (Camille Salou, Mathilde Ferrey, Christian Quest, Antoine Desbordes, Jean Andreani, Adrien Pavie)
  • Many many wonderful people who worked on various parts of GeoVisio or core dependencies we use : 🧙 Stéphane Péneau, 🎚 Albin Calais & Cyrille Giquello, 📷 Damien Sorel, Pascal Rhod, Nick Whitelegg...
  • Adrien Pavie, for ⚙️ initial development of GeoVisio
  • And you all ✨ GeoVisio users for making this project useful !

⚖️ License

Copyright (c) GeoVisio team 2022-2023, released under MIT license.



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