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    GeoStyler Style Parser implementation for Mapserver Mapfiles


    node v10+

    And install it with npm:

    npm i geostyler-mapfile-parser

    How to use

    If the aim is to transform a Mapfile to another format, your Mapfile must contains only one LAYER per file.


    import * as fs from 'fs';
    import MapfileParser from 'geostyler-mapfile-parser';
    const parser = new MapfileParser();
    // Load a Mapfile file
    const mapfile = fs.readFileSync('./mapfiles_folder/', 'utf8');
    const { output: geostylerStyle } = await parser.readStyle(mapfile);

    Writing a Mapfile from a Geostyler-Style object is currently not possible.

    Command line

    To transforms a file to another Geostyler style, use Geostyler-cli Short example of usage - Install and transform a Mapfile to a QGIS qml file, specifying a custom directory for symbols:

    npm install -g geostyler-cli
    geostyler -s sld -t qgis -o input.qml mapfile-symbols-path=./symbols.sym

    Specify a symbols.sym file

    If a symbolset tag is defined in your mapfile, this link will be followed to read symbols. If it's not the case a symbols.sym should be located from where you call the transformation.

    You can set the default path with:

    const parser = new MapfileParser();
    parser.symbolsPath = '<a/path/to/symbols.sym>'

    Alternatively, if you use this library through a script, you can set the path by adding the command line option: mapfile-symbols-path=.

    Run tests

      npm install
      npm run test

    Run MapServer to display features styles

    Be sure you have:

    Then run simply: make run

    You can now show predefined mapfiles at this url:


    Set the layers param to display other layers (from layers defined in /data/mapfiles).


    npm i geostyler-mapfile-parser

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