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Slack integration that lets your team plot and share their locations on a map.

Find Me


  1. You must be an admin for a Slack Workspace
  2. You must have a way to deploy this node.js app such as
    • Heroku
    • Zeit Now
    • Host it yourself
  3. You must have team members in the same Slack Team/Workspace (optional 😜)


Create a Incoming Webhook

This is necessary for the GeoSlack app to post a message in slack with a map/location of the user.

  • Login to your Slack workspace
  • Go to
  • Click on incoming webhook integration near the top
  • Select a channel and then click the big green Add Incoming WebHooks Integration button IncomingWebhook01
  • Scroll down to the Integration Settings
  • Double check the channel name
  • Copy the Webhook URL for later
  • Assign a Custom Name such as "GeoSlack"
  • Assign a Custom Icon such as the :world_map: emoji IncomingWebHook02
  • Click the Save Settings button


The following assumes you want to deploy GeoSlack to Heroku.

However, you can deploy to any server that can run Node.js and change environment variables.

  • Click this button Deploy
  • Type in a name for your app such as "geoslack"
  • Click the Deploy App button
  • Click the Settings tab at the top
  • Click the Reveal Config Vars button to show environment variables
  • Add the following key/value pairs:
    • APP_URL - From "domains", format: http://<your_heroku_domain>/findme
    • SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL - From Step 1 above, format:<more>
    • GMAPS_API_KEY - From Google Maps click to get api key
    • DESTINATION - optional address or coordinates of your team's workplace HerokuConfigVars

(Optional) Create an Outgoing Webhook

This is optional but will allow you to type a keyword and get a link to the GeoSlack app.

Prior Art

This code was forked from concurlabs/geoslack which is no longer maintained. Since forking, I added a couple new features including

  1. A page to show everyone's location
  2. ETA to your destination
  3. (future) Periodically update location


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