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Lightning fast longitude and latitude lookup for country and state codes.


npm install geos-major --save

Country Lookup

var geos = require('geos-major')
  , geo ='us');
console.log(geo); /* results:  
    countryCode: 'US',
    countryName: 'United States',
    currency: 'USD,USN,USS',
    continent: 'Americas',
    subContinent: 'Northern America',
    phoneCode: '1',
    latitude: 38,
    longitude: -97

CloudFlare Lookup

var geos = require('geos-major')
  , cf_country = req.headers['cf-ipcountry']
  , geo =; // accessed from the USA 
console.log(geo); // countryCode: 'US', countryName: 'United States', ... 

State Lookup

Includes regions: AA, AE, AP, AS, FM, GU, MH, MP & PR

var geos = require('geos-major')
  , geo = geos.state('TX');
console.log(geo); // { "name":"Texas", "latitude": 31.1060, "longitude": -97.6475 } 

Major attributions

License: MIT