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ol3-react-geonode Build Status Code Climate Test Coverage

OL3 - React map viewer for GeoNode


Install node and npm. We would encourage you to use nvm a version manager for node.

You need node > 5

Run npm install to install all dependencies.

Development Server

Run node start to start the development server. Visit your browser at http://localhost:3000 to see the result.


During development run npm run test:watch to run tests on every file change.

Run npm test to run the full test suite with code coverage report.

Deployment to GH-pages

Automated deployment via travis is enabled for the master branch.

If you want to deploy manually to gh-pages use npm run deploy


The deplyoment uses the index-gh.html please keep this file in sync with index.html and change the path once the repo changes it's name. The .travis.yml needs to be changed as well.