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Shoot files from your shell to for lightning-fast visualization and editing. This is a node.js module and thus requires node.

Read or pipe a file

geojsonio map.geojson
geojsonio < run.geojson


--print prints the url rather than opening it
npm install -g geojsonio-cli

pipe wkt through wellknown into geojsonio to get magic:

npm install -g geojsonio-cli
npm install -g wellknown
echo "MultiPoint(0 0, 1 1, 3 3)" | wellknown | geojsonio

pipe grep'ed geojson through geojsonify:

npm install -g geojsonio-cli
npm install -g geojsonify
grep -h something *json | geojsonify | geojsonio

convert kml or gpx to geojson and push it to

npm install -g geojsonio-cli
npm install -g togeojson
togeojson foo.kml | geojsonio

copy the generated url instead of opening it in a browser (on OSX)

geojsonio foo.geojson --print | pbcopy

simplify geojson with simplify-geojson

npm install simplify-geojson geojsonio-cli csv2geojson -g
curl | \
  csv2geojson --lat "LATITUDE N/S" --lon "LONGITUDE E/W" --line true | \
  simplify-geojson -t 0.001 | \