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Primarily developed by Kitware and Epidemico. GeoJS is intended to bridge the gap between GIS, Geospatial Visualization, Scientific Visualization and Infovis. GeoJS is more than just a GIS library as users can create scientific plots such as vector and contour and can embed infovis plots using D3.js. GeoJS aims for high-performance visualization and interactive data exploration of scientific and geospatial location aware datasets.

GeoJS supports features such as Point, Line, Polygon, and advanced features such as Pixelmap, Contour, Heatmap, and Choropleth.

GeoJS can read and render data from GeoJSON files, and WMS servers. Additional features includes Annotations, Legends, Animated Transitions, and Widgets.


For live examples visit Github.io

Historical hurricane data Visualization in GeoJS


You can find more information on GeoJS installation and usage in our Documentation.


We would love to get your feedback and bug reports. Please send us an email at geojs-developers for questions related to feature requests, roadmap or in-depth technical discussions. Use geojs-users if you have general questions or bug reports on GeoJS.

Get Involved

GeoJS is developed to meet needs of developers and domain-specific researchers, and we are always open for collaboration. We have been doing open source development for the last 17 year and understand and appreciate what it takes to develop open source software. So fork GeoJS, do great things and let us know if we can help.


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