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The geofunc package provides functions for processing GeoJSON.

Supported Types

Visitors can be registered for any of the GeoJSON object types. In addition, you can register a generic Geometry visitor, a visitor for LinearRing, and a visitor for Coordinate. Where "type" is used in the API, you can provide one of the following strings:

  • FeatureCollection
  • Feature
  • GeometryCollection
  • MultiPolygon
  • MultiLineString
  • MultiPoint
  • Polygon
  • LineString
  • Point
  • Geometry
  • LinearRing
  • Coordinate


Call a function for each object of a certain type. Properties in the visitors object can be any of the supported types, and values are functions to be called with the corresponding objects. The each function returns a function that can be called with any GeoJSON object.

For example:

const geofunc = require('geofunc');
let count = 0;
const countPoints = geofunc.each({
  Point: function(point) {
// this will count all the Point geometries