A command line tool for extracting and using geo locatiom data from images

geoexif - WIP

A nodejs tool to extract and manipulate geolocation data from images.

This is a work in progress, currently on hold.

$ npm install -g geoexif

$ geoexif paris.jpg
[ 48.8615, 2.3316666666666666 ],2.3316666666666666


$ geoexif paris.jpg map
[ 48.8615, 2.3316666666666666 ],2.3316666666666666
# will open the url in your default browser...

  • Check that negative coordinates work correctly
  • Use Google api to extract location name
  • Enable running on multiple files - parse a kml file to represent a map with all locations, or html with links
  • Handle images without exif better