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A blazing fast TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) built with Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB


GenieACS is a blazing fast TR-069 auto configuration server (ACS) built with Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB. It's technology neutral and configurable to fit any service provider needs. This is the core back end component. Official front end GUI is available at


  • Massively concurrent: Can handle hundreds of thousands of connected devices on a single server even with low inform interval.
  • Preset-based configuration: Define sets of configurations that devices will pick up and apply as needed based on given preconditions.
  • Tagging: Use tags to group devices for more manageable presets.
  • Searching: Query for devices on any parameter (supports all common operators including regular expressions).
  • Parameter aliasing: Define aliases to unify parameter paths from different types of devices. Aliases behave like normal parameters (i.e. can be queried or modified).
  • Extensive API: A simple yet rich HTTP-based API allows easy integration with other system.

Getting started

Install Node.js, Redis, and MongoDB. Refer to the corresponding documentation for installation guides. Then use NPM to install GenieACS by typing:

npm install -g genieacs

You may need to modify the configuration files under "config" directory (in /lib/node_modules/genieacs/config) depending on your setup.

Alternatively, you can install from source by cloning the git repository:

cd /opt
git clone --branch v1.0
cd genieacs
npm install
npm run configure
npm run compile

Finally, run the following in GNU Screen session or something similar:


This is the service that the CPEs will communicate with. It listens to port 7547 by default (see config/config.json). Configure the ACS URL of your devices accordingly.


This is the northbound interface module. It exposes a REST API on port 7557 by default. This is needed for the GUI front end to communicate with.


This is the file server from which the CPEs will download firmware images and other types of files.

You can use stream redirection to output to log files:

genieacs-cwmp >> /var/log/genieacs-cwmp.log 2>> /var/log/genieacs-cwmp-err.log
genieacs-nbi >> /var/log/genieacs-nbi.log 2>> /var/log/genieacs-nbi-err.log
genieacs-fs >> /var/log/genieacs-fs.log 2>> /var/log/genieacs-fs-err.log

For further details about installation and configuration, refer to the wiki section.

You may now proceed with installing GenieACS GUI front end.


The Users mailing list is a good place to get guidance and help from the community. Head on over and join the conversation! In addition, the wiki provides useful documentation and tips from GenieACS users.

You may submit bug reports or feature requests here. For device interoperability issues, please consult the mailing list first — it's likely that a workaround already exists.

For commercial support options and professional services, please visit


Contributions are welcome. Fork this repo and open a pull request and wait for feedback. You can also contribute by enhancing the documentation in the wiki section.