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GenieACS is a high performance Auto Configuration Server (ACS) for remote management of TR-069 enabled devices. It utilizes a declarative and fault tolerant configuration engine for automating complex provisioning scenarios at scale. It's battle-tested to handle hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of concurrent devices.

Quick Start

Install Node.js and MongoDB. Refer to their corresponding documentation for installation instructions. The supported versions are:

  • Node.js: 12.3+
  • MongoDB: 3.6+

Install GenieACS from NPM:

sudo npm install -g genieacs

To build from source instead, clone this repo or download the source archive then cd into the source directory then run:

npm install
npm run build

Finally, run the following services (found under ./dist/bin/ if building from source):


This is the service that the CPEs will communicate with. It listens on port 7547 by default. Configure the ACS URL in your devices accordingly.

You may optionally use genieacs-sim as a dummy TR-069 simulator if you don't have a CPE at hand.


This is the northbound interface module. It exposes a REST API on port 7557 by default. This one is only required if you have an external system integrating with GenieACS using this API.


This is the file server from which the CPEs will download firmware images and such. It listens on port 7567 by default.


This serves the web based user interface. It listens on port 3000 by default. You must pass --ui-jwt-secret argument to supply the secret key used for signing browser cookies:

genieacs-ui --ui-jwt-secret secret

The UI has plenty of configuration options. When you open GenieACS's UI in a browser you'll be greeted with a database initialization wizard to help you populate some initial configuration.

Visit for more documentation and a complete installation guide for production deployments.


The forum is a good place to get guidance and help from the community. Head on over and join the conversation!

For commercial support options, please visit


Copyright 2013-2021 GenieACS Inc. GenieACS is released under the AGPLv3 license terms.


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