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yarn global add


npm -g install

A simple ExpressJS template generator


$ genge [option] [option] --flat --flat

Create your first app

$ genge add app

Genge will create some start up folders and files

├── index.js
├── node_modules/
├── package.json
├── public/
│   ├── index.ejs
│   └── style.css
├── router/
│   └── login.js
└── yarn.lock

And with the --run flat, what you can do is as soon as Genge finish creating thought files and folder, it will run the app right a way

Remove your app

$ genge remove app

Install packages

Once Genge finish create the files, then it will start install some necessary packages such as express

By defualt Genge will run:

$ npm install

But if you want to use the Yarn, what you can do it using that yarn flat --yarn

$ yarn install

Runing the app

You can use the --run flat to tell Genge run the app as soon as everything is OK

Open the web site right a way

You can also use the --open flat to tell Gegen then everything is OK, open the browser and load your express app

PS: Require the --run flat to do so


Create a new router

$ genge add router pony/ponyville/isfun
├── index.js
├── package.json
├── public/
│   ├── index.ejs
│   └── style.css
├── router/
│   ├── login.js
│   └── pony/
│       └── ponyville/
│           └── isfun.js
└── yarn.lock

Removing the router

$ genge remove router pony/ponyville/isfun

Config file

This version of Genge, what you can config is

  1. Package Installer (NPM, Yarn)
  2. Router path(Default: ./router);
$ genge config packageinstaller
$ genge config routerpath

View the config file

$ genge config show

Genge will output the content of the globalConfig.json


$ genge update
$ genge update --beta

Check for updates

By default, Genge will fetching data from the NPM registry

And what the --beat flat, Genge will instead fetching data from the GitHub repository

PS: For this verson of Genge, will only notif you, and won't update the app itself

Cloud config

Grap the JSON file from the internet(cloud)

So you can start sharing your config file via Gist with your friends

$ genge config cloud <URL><URL>


npm i genge

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