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Prototype-friendly multiple method dispatch for JS.


genfun is a Javascript library that lets you define generic functions: regular-seeming functions that can be invoked just like any other function, but that automatically dispatch methods based on the combination of arguments passed to it when it's called, also known as multiple dispatch.

It's 'prototype-friendly' in the sense that it does not keep references to objects in memory when methods are defined on them, so objects will be garbage collected normally.

It was inspired by Slate, CLOS and Sheeple.


$ npm install genfun

Various examples are availble to look at in the examples/ folder included in this project. Most examples are also runnable by just invoking them with node.

// Based on examples/hellodog.js 
var Genfun = require('genfun')
function Person() {}
function Dog() {}
// Creates a generic function. This is a regular, callable function. 
var frobnicate = new Genfun()
// addMethod is used to define new methods on genfuns, with the most 
// "specific"  method firing when multiple methods are applicable to a set of 
// arguments when the genfun is called. 
// addMethod(<genfun>, <selector>, <method function>) 
frobnicate.addMethod([Person.prototype], function (person) {
  console.log('Got a person!')
frobnicate.addMethod([Dog.prototype], function (dog) {
  console.log('Got a dog!')
// Selectors can include multiple arguments, which correspond to argument 
// positions when the genfun is called. 
// This last method will dispatch only when a string, a Person, and a Dog 
// are the arguments to frobnicate (in that order). 
  [String.prototype, Person.prototype, Dog.prototype],
  function(greeting, person, dog) {
    console.log(person, ' greets ', dog, '\'' + greeting + '\'');
var person = new Person()
var dog = new Dog()
frobnicate(person) // Got a person! 
frobnicate(dog) // Got a dog! 
frobnicate('Hi, dog!', person, dog); // {} greets {}, 'Hi, dog!'