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Build Status ## Description

Generic-Quadtree is a node module that implements a quadtree for storing key-value pairs where the keys are two dimensional values.

It is optimized for performing lookup of values in a specified range.

The module comes with implementations of a Point and a Box objects but will work with any objects that implement the methods on their prototypes.

For use in the browser or with node.


npm install generic-quadtree


//create bounding area of quadtree 
var min = new Point(0,0);
var max = new Point(100, 100);
var totalArea = new Box(min, max);
//instantiate new quadtree 
var tree = new Quadtree(totalArea);
//insert item 
var position = new Point(25, 35);
var item = 'value';
tree.insert(position, item);
//get array of all point-value pairs contained within range 
var range = new Box(new Point(10, 10), new Point(40, 40));
var itemsInRange = tree.queryRange(range); //returns [{point: position; value: item}] 
//get value if quadtree contains an item at point 
tree.queryPoint(position); //returns 'value' 
//remove point from tree 
tree.removePoint(position); //tree is now empty 
//clear all internal nodes and values