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yYIPs - yEarn Improvement Proposals Generator (yeoman)

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$ npm i generator-yyip -g
$ yo yyip




The yEarn Improvement Proposals (YIPs) describe standards for the yEarn platform, including core protocol specifications, client APIs, and contract standards. This is the definitive, cannonical reference specification for the core logic.


yYip generator is a Yeoman generator to kickstart your yEarn Improvement Proposal, like strategies.

What is an YIP?

YIP stands for yEarn Improvement Proposal, it has been adapted from the SIP (Synthetix Improvement Proposal). The purpose of this process is to ensure changes to yEarn are transparent and well governed. An YIP is a design document providing information to the yEarn community about a proposed change to the system. The author is responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting dissenting opinions.

YIP Rationale

We intend YIPs to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features, collecting community input on an issue, and for documenting the design decisions for changes to yEarn. Because they are maintained as text files in a versioned repository, their revision history is the historical record of the feature proposal.

It is highly recommended that a single YIP contain a single key proposal or new idea. The more focused the YIP, the more successful it is likely to be.

An YIP must meet certain minimum criteria. It must be a clear and complete description of the proposed enhancement. The enhancement must represent a net improvement.

Process of submitting aYIP

  1. Review YIP-0.
  2. Fork the repository by clicking "Fork" in the top right.
  3. Add your YIP to your fork of the repository. There is a template YIP here.
  4. Submit a Pull Request to yEarn's YIPs repository.

Your first PR should be a first draft of the final YIP. It must meet the formatting criteria enforced by the build (largely, correct metadata in the header). An editor will manually review the first PR for a new YIP and assign it a number before merging it. Make sure you include a discussions-to header with the URL to a new thread on gov.yearn.finance where people can discuss the YIP as a whole.

Note: It is important that their be community support behind a proposed YIP - It is up to the author(s) to shepard their proposal through the process

If your YIP requires images, the image files should be included in a subdirectory of the assets folder for that YIP as follow: assets/yip-X (for yip X). When linking to an image in the YIP, use relative links such as ../assets/yip-X/image.png.

When you believe your YIP is mature and ready to progress past the WIP phase, you should ask to have your issue added to the next governance call where it can be discussed for inclusion in a future platform upgrade. If the community agrees to include it, the YIP editors will update the state of your YIP to 'Approved'.

YIP Statuses

  • WIP - a YIP that is still being developed.
  • Proposed - a YIP that is ready to be reviewed in a governance call.
  • Approved - a YIP that has been accepted for implementation by the yEarn community.
  • Implemented - a YIP that has been released to mainnet.
  • Rejected - a YIP that has been rejected.
  • Moribund -

Example YIP

-Status: Proposed
+Status: Approved
YIP: integer,
Created: 2020-09-01
-Last-Modified: 2020-09-03
+Last-Modified: 2020-09-08


YIPs MUST pass some validation tests. The YIP repository ensures this by running tests using html-proofer and yip_validator.

It is possible to run the YIP validator locally:

gem install yip_validator
yip_validator <INPUT_FILES>

Using the yYIP Generator

Follow instructions below to install


  • nodejs 10+
  • npm 5+
  • yeoman generator


npm install -g yo
yo  yip


Follow the commands in your terminal / console

YIP Editors

The current YIP editors are:

* Artem K (@banteg)

* Cooper Turley (@Cooopahtroopa)

* Daryl Lau (@Daryllautk)

* Klim K (@milkyklim)

* Sunil Srivatsa (@alphastorm)


yYIP: Apache-2.0 YIPS: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


npm i generator-yyip

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