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  • Install it (only once): npm install -g generator-yaml4

  • Create a new folder and cd into it: mkdir yaml-project && cd $_

  • Run yo yaml4

  • Run grunt to build and grunt server to preview


  • --skip-install

    Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished.

  • --test-framework=[framework]

    Defaults to mocha. Can be switched for another supported testing framework like jasmine.


YAML under Creative Commons License (CC-BY 2.0)

The YAML framework is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License (CC-BY 2.0), which permits both private and commercial use (

Condition: For the free use of the YAML framework, a backlink to the YAML homepage ( in a suitable place (e.g.: footer of the website or in the imprint) is required.

YAML under Commercial Distribution License (YAML-CDL)

If you are a commercial software developer and you want to release your software under a different license than CC-BY 2.0, you may purchase commercial licenses. By purchasing commercial licenses, we offer you the freedom to choose between the following license models.

  • Project Related License, 59.50 EUR (incl. 19% taxes)
  • General License, 119.00 EUR (incl. 19% taxes)
  • OEM License (contact us for pricing information)

Full license texts and contact information are available at: