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    Web Component Generator NPM version

    Quickly scaffold lightweight web components with Yeoman, with just what's needed and none of the cruft. Built against the v1 Web Components spec.



    • Generate standalone projects for distribution, or single file elements inside your own apps
    • Choose whether to bundle a framework like Polymer or build barebones
    • Optionally include Shadow DOM template boilerplate
    • Standalone projects come with a basic testing setup via Web Component Tester and a beautiful demo page served with browsersync

    Check out the files in app/templates in this repo for a better idea of what you'll get.

    Installation & usage

    Install Yeoman and the component generator with NPM or Yarn

    $ npm i -g yo generator-web-component

    Then run it

    $ yo web-component

    Components for apps

    To create a new web component for use inside an existing project, select 'Part of an app' when prompted. This will generate a single HTML file under the name of your element with the bare minimum of boilerplate.

    Standalone components

    To create a standalone element project in its own repo, select 'Standalone' when prompted. This will scaffold out a modern Web Component project, including a lightweight testing setup, a beautiful demo page, and standard config files.

    It's recommended to build your element as an ES6 class directly in the [element-name].html file provided (or change it to a JavaScript file if you like), and allow the consumers of your element to do their own transpilation to ES5 if they want to support legacy browsers.

    The following NPM scripts will be configured for you:

    Script Description
    test Runs your WCT test suite in local browsers
    posttest Runs Eslint after tests (eg: for Travis)
    demo Runs a demo server (with Browsersync) which reloads whenever you make changes in your component

    Run the scripts with NPM

    $ npm run demo

    The demo server is available on localhost:3000


    There are a few more options that should be added to this generator, if you'd like to contribute a PR adding any of these features I'll gladly merge it!

    • Add optional (and configurable) buildstep (issue)
      • Rollup module bundling
      • PostCSS + Autoprefixer
    • Add SkateJS framework option (issue)
    • Bundle Yeoman and Browsersync into web-component-cli? In similar vein to polymer-cli but not tied to a framework

    MIT © Sean King


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