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Tumblr Theme generator

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A Tumblr Theme generator for Yeoman that allows you to create a theme for Tumblr.

Getting Started

First install Yeoman globally

$ npm install -g yo

To install generator-tumblr-theme from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-tumblr-theme

Create a theme project folder

$ mkdir my-theme && cd my-theme

Finally, initiate the generator:

$ yo tumblr-theme

This will expand the themer scripts and assets into your theme project directory

Custom Content

By default generator-tumblr-theme uses as it's content source. In order to use your own blog as a source of test content, you need to convert an existing tumblr blog to XML.

Tumblr XML Template

Copy and paste the content of this tumblr theme file to your blog's theme editor

When you visit your tumblr blog you should see an rendered XML

Configure your tumbler themer to use your new source by entering in a content source when you initially run the generator.

You can always update the config file, post generation, here:

$ cat app/themr/javascripts/tumblr-themr-1.0.config.js
var themrConf = { url: '', theme: 'theme' };

Now your Tumblr Theme will render in your themer app


Recent changes can be viewed on Github on the Releases Page


BSD license