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Typescript and LESS Website Generator

The Galaxy's OKest Typescript and LESS Website Generator for Yeoman

  • Typescript
  • LESS
  • Webpack + Dev Server
  • Hot Module Reloading

How To:

Create a new Website

  1. Globally install this generator: npm install -g generator-ts-website
  2. From the root of your new project, run yo ts-website (NOTE: run yo ts-website --help for options)

This generator is powered by generator-ts-console. You can use all of that generator's pompts, options, and arguments; however, note that eslint is preselected as the linter and cannot be changed.

Install React

React is not included by default. However, this generator contains a subgenerator for installing React.

After you have already scaffoled a website, run: yo ts-website:react

Bundle Typescript and LESS files

The generated project includes a Webpack config that handles the transpilation and bundling steps. From within your generated project:

  1. npm run build

Typescript files will be transpiled and bundled in main.[hash].js, LESS files imported by .ts files will be bundled in main.[hash].css, and both of those files will be reference by index.html. (The build output can be found in ./dist)

Run the Dev Server with Hot Module Reloading (HMR)

From within your generated project:

  1. npm start

Run unit tests

The test script will run any file ending with .tests.ts. From within your generated project:

  1. npm test

Code coverage may be viewed in ./coverage/lcov-report/index.html.




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