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Create Appcelerator Titanium skeleton


npm install -g generator-titpl


npm update -g generator-titpl if you already have it

If you don't have yet the Yeoman tool, you should install it first :

npm install -g yo


yo titpl

Then answer all questions. They are used for filling the tiapp.xml and config.json file

Questions :

  1. Which template do you need ? (burger, tabgroup, required)
  2. What's your application id (example: com.company.myapp) ? ( in tiapp.xml, required)
  3. What's the project name ? ( in tiapp.xml, required)
  4. What's the publisher name ? ( in tiapp.xml, optional)
  5. What's the URL for the project webpage (if any) ? ( in tiapp.xml, optional)
  6. Provide a short description for your app : ( in tiapp.xml, optional)
  7. What's the copyright name ? ( in tiapp.xml, optional)
  8. Which SDK would you like to use ? ( choose in the installed SDK, required)
  9. What's the main color for your app ? (background window color, CFG.COLORS.main value on config.json)
  10. What's the second color for your app ? (navbar, button color, CFG.COLORS.main2 value on config.json)
  11. What's the baseurl of your webservice ? (CFG.baseurl value on config.json)

At the end of the process, if you need to register the application : appc new --import --no-services

If you are not logged into Appcelerator platform : appc login

To test your application : appc run


  1. Add more template
  2. Customize config.json file with fonts
  3. Add other library/code example like in-app purchase, Maps, Admob, wysiwyg, charts
  4. Enable / disable library on the fly when you create a new app
  5. Handle module dependancy with gittio cli


1.2.1 : 05-09-2018

  • Add av.imageview module
  • Change media lib to choose / take picture on profil

1.2.0 : 31-07-2018

  • Add refreshControl on ListView
  • Add getAttributed function in core.js lib to handle attributed String
  • Edit rest.js lib to support PATCH http
  • Update input-materialdesign widget ti 2.0 version
  • Add NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription in tiapp
  • Add android:hardwareAccelerated="true" on tiapp for Android

1.1.1 : 02-05-2018

  • Add translation english / french

1.1.0 : 27-04-2018

  • Add backbone event to Alloy.Globals instead lib
  • Add Alloy.Globals.Device in alloy.js
  • Add requestLocationPermissions function in core.js lib
  • Add OneSignal module and lib for Push Notification

1.0.6 : 04-01-2018

  • Update module for Ti SDK > 7.0

1.0.5 : 27-09-2017

  • Add calendar widget

1.0.4 - 21-08-2017


npm i generator-titpl

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