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Please use the final version of 2.7.0


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A Yeoman Generator for Microsoft Teams Apps.

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This generator Generates a Microsoft Teams App that can be used to add Tabs, Bots, Connectors, Compose Extensions and more to Microsoft Teams based on Node.js and TypeScript.

Note: The generator has been renamed from generator-teams-tab to generator-teams. Old package will be marked as deprecated.

yo teams Demo



Important: If this is the first time you're using Yeoman or installing a Yeoman generator, first install Node.js. For developers on Mac, we recommend using Node Version Manager to install Node.js with the right permissions. When the installation completes, restart your console (or if you are using Windows, restart your machine) to ensure you use the updated system environment variables.


Install yo (Yeoman), gulp-cli (Gulp global command line interface) and typescript (Typescript compiler) globally using NPM.

npm install yo gulp-cli typescript --global

Released and stable version

Install generator-teams globally using NPM.

npm install generator-teams --global

Preview versions

Preview versions of the generator will be published with the preview tag and can be installed using the following command:

npm install generator-teams@preview --global


yo teams [arguments]

Note: Files are created in the directory that you run the command from hence make sure you are happy with the location before you hit enter.


The following arguments can be used:

  • --skip-install - when used no packages will be installed at the end of the generator and you have to run npm install or similar manually.
  • --no-telemetry - opt out of sending telemetry data (NOTE: no personal data or names of artefacts are being sent, only information of successful executions and what options are being used).

The generated project

When the generator is done you can start working with your project. Make sure to read the generated file for more instructions. Depending on how you generate your project additional readme files might be created with further instructions.

Build the generator

If you are interested in contributing or modifying the generator itself, you clone this repository and then install all modules before building the solution.

npm install
npm run build

The bundled generator and the template files will end up in the ./generators/ folder.

Use it in dev mode

In the generator-teams directory use the following command, this will link the local copy of the folder as a global node module.

npm link

To revert the link operation:

npm unlink

More information

For more information on how Tabs and Bots can be used with Teams see the Teams Developer Documentation



This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


npm i generator-teams

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