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A Yeoman Generator for Microsoft Teams created by Wictor Wilén.

Generates a Microsoft Teams tab project that can be used to add Tabs and Bots to a Microsoft Team based on Node.js and TypeScript. Optionally add support for hosting using Express.


How to

Install generator

All Yeoman generators should be installed as global modules. The generator is published to the npm registry and can be installed and downloaded using this command.

npm install generator-teams-tab --global

If you don't have Yeoman installed it has to be installed as well:

npm install yeoman --global

Use the generator

To create a new project using the generator, execute the following command in the command prompt and answer the questions asked.

yo teams-tab

Build the generator

On order to build the generator you need to install the Webpack as a global node module:

npm install webpack --global

You need to clone the repository or download a local copy and in the source folder install the node modules:

npm install

The generator is built and packaged using Webpack.


The bundled generator and the template files will en up in the ./generators/ folder.

Use it in dev mode

In the generator-teams-tab directory use the following command, this will link the local copy of the folder as a global node module.

npm link

To revert the link operation:

npm unlink