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Team Services extension code generator


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generator-team-services-extension is a Yeoman generator that creates an extension for Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server.

The extension type can be :

  • New hub extension
  • Custom build or release task
  • Widget dashboard


  • Node.js with NPM, Minimum version 6.9.5 LTS (
  • Yeoman : npm install -g yo


First, install the generator

npm install -g generator-team-services-extension

Then generate your new extension project:

yo team-services-extension

Test this generator locally

  • clone this repository
  • with command prompt navigate to the package folder and run this command for link npm package on this folder Use npm link
npm link

Execute Unit Tests

  • on the generator folder run this command
mocha test

Getting started

Generated templates

We've included //TODO: placeholders in the generated license, thirdpartynotices, and overview files to guide you through the changes you need to make.

Visual Studio Teams Service Web Extension

Take a look at the information on getting started with extensions, RESTful APIs, SDK, and the marketplace. I


  • Yeoman has a heart of gold.
  • Yeoman is a person with feelings and opinions, but is very easy to work with.
  • Yeoman can be too opinionated at times but is easily convinced not to be.
  • Feel free to learn more about Yeoman.



We thank the following contributor(s): Josh Garverick and Mikael Krief

Contributions are welcome

Here is how you can contribute to this project:

  • Submit bugs and help us verify fixes
  • Submit pull requests for bug fixes and features and discuss existing proposals

Please refer to Contribution guidelines and the Code of Conduct for more details.


Building this solution will download other software, subject to the third party license terms that are between you and the third party.

And npm dependencies list are :

The generated extensions needs these 3 rd libraries

The DevOps assets folder contains scripts we have sourced from 3rd parties