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Scaffolds out Tâmia with lots of other front-end stuff.

Tâmia project generator for Yeoman

Scaffolds out Tâmia and lots of other stuff.

  1. Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo.
  2. Install the generator locally or globally: npm install [-g] generator-tamia.
  3. Run: yo tamia.
$ yo tamia:framework

Installs/updates latest version of the Tâmia Stylus framework. Also installs jQuery.

Scaffolds styles direcotory with base Stylus styles. Also creates Gruntfile.

Scaffolds js direcotory with base main.js file. Also adds JSHint, Uglify and creates/updates Gruntfile.

Configures deploy using shipit.

Creates new JS component.

Creates new Stylus block. Also updates stylus/index.styl.

Installs Tâmia module. Also updates Gruntfile and index stylesheet.

Creates new HTML file.

Creates new HTML file.

Creates dotfiles: .jshintrc, coffeelint.json, .jscs.json, .editorconfig, .travis.yml.

Creates humans.txt.

You can use them without Tâmia.

Creates new jQuery plugin.

Installs latest version of WordPress.

Scaffolds basic WordPress theme.

$ yo tamia:framework --skip-bower

Skips installation of Bower packages, npm packages or both.

The MIT License, see the included file.