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A Yeoman generator for Tachi


A Yeoman generator for Tachi.

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-tachi
  • Make a new directory for your Tachi application: mkdir tachi; cd tachi
  • Run: yo tachi
  • It's assumed that you'll want to use Mocha and ShouldJS for your unit testing.
  • No Bower packages will be configured.
  • Grunt is not currently configured.

Available generators:

Note: Generators are to be run from the root directory of your app.

Sets up a new Tachi app, generating some basic boilerplate that'll get you up and running. The app generator also optionally installs a Twitter Bootstrap demo, which contains a number of quick-start views, and a demo Controller.


yo tachi

Generates a controller in ./Controllers, and a matching test scaffold in ./test/Controllers.


yo tachi:controller demo

Produces ./Controllers/DemoController.js:

module.exports = function DemoController() {
  // ... 

The Tachi generator is configured to hook Mocha into npm. This means you can run your tests by just doing:

npm test

Copyright (c) 2013 Ed J

MIT License