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This package is outdated. Use generator-tabris-js instead.


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Tabris.js generator

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A Yeoman generator for Tabris.js apps. It lets you quickly set up a new project with sensible defaults and best practices.

Getting Started

Install yeoman, this generator, and an HTTP server for local testing:

npm install -g yo generator-tabris-js http-server

Create your app in an empty directory:

yo tabris-js

Run the app locally:

npm start

Get the Tabris.js Developer App and point it to the URL the HTTP server has just opened (should be printed on the console).


Check out the online documentation for APIs, examples, and build documentation.


To contribute to the Yeoman generator for tabris.js, begin by cloning this repository. Once cloned you can run npm install to install the required dependencies. Next install Yeoman using npm install yo -g. Finally you can install the local copy of the tabris.js generator using npm link. With the tabris.js generator installed, you can now run yo tabris-js to start the generator.

git clone
cd generator-tabris-js
npm install
npm install yo -g
npm link

You can make changes to generator and test them by using npm link. Finally, feel free to suggest changes in GitHub Issues, or send us a Pull Request.


BSD License

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