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A Yeoman generator for scaffolding and bootstrapping Spring Boot and Spring Cloud applications. Provides the same selectable options as Spring Initializr, but with and interactive CLI interface so your hands can stay where they belong, on the keyboard!

Getting Started

Install Yeoman

$ npm install -g yo

Install generator-spring

$ npm install -g generator-spring

Initiate spring-generator!

$ yo spring

The interactive CLI menu will guide the way.

Extras (Sub-generators)

Creates a REST endpoint

$ yo spring:rest

Creates a REST endpoint with HATEOAS support (has dependency on choosing the hateoas starter option)

$ yo spring:hateoas

Creates an initial Thymeleaf view (has dependency on choosing the Thyemleaf starter option)

$ yo spring:route


  • Add the new Spring Cloud libs supported with Spring Boot 1.4.1
  • Add React support. This will essentially scaffold an opinionated react SPA (webpack/es6/material-ui) as the front end.


MIT License