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Sharepoint 2013 generator

Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a SharePoint 2013 HTML Master & Page Layouts project.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-sp2013
  • Run: yo sp2013
  • Run grunt for building and grunt server for preview


  • --skip-install

    Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished.

  • --skip-install-message

    Hides the output of bower and npm.

  • --skip-welcome-message

    Skips the welcome message.

  • --test-framework=[framework]

    Defaults to mocha. Can be switched for another supported testing framework like jasmine.


The following features are currently supported by the SP2013 generator.

JS Precompilers

The following JS Precompilers are supported:

  • CoffeeScript
  • TypeScript
  • LiveScript

Using a JS Precompiler is not required.

CSS Precompilers

The following CSS Precompilers are supported:

  • Compass (SCSS/SASS)

Using a CSS Precompiler is not required.

WebDAV deployment

Grunt task for deploying your project to SharePoint via WebDav. Supports either an absolute WebDav path (single developer) or a WebDav path stored in an environment variable (multiple developers).

Grunt Task: grunt deploy


BSD license