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  • Jade/Stylus/CoffeeScript stack
  • Localisation based on content from a single config file
  • Minimal CSS boilerplate framework
  • CoffeeScript with browserify (require "dependency")
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Unit tests with Jasmine/Karma/PhantomJS
  • Automatically includes jQuery (latest, or otherwise 1.10.* if IE8 support is * required) and HTML5 shim if required
  • Component integration
  • Other front-end dependencies managed with Bower
  • All the config files you need
  • Support for icon fonts and SVG icon sprites
  • Responsive images using picturefill
  • Image optimisation
  • Full set of fav/app/touch icons
  • Automating cache-busting for CSS and JS
  • Fully automated watch & build system using GulpJS
  • A handsome logo

Getting Started

Yeoman is a scaffolding application that helps you set up projects so you can get straight into the coding. Snow is a generator that scaffolds out a starter template with:

  • Jade, Stylus, and CoffeeScript front-end stack
  • Gulp configuration to compile and optimise templates, styles, scripts, and images, as well as run a development server with livereload (won't work with a VPN on)
  • Localised content generated from a single JSON file


$ sudo npm install -g yo

Get Started

To install generator-snow from npm, run:

$ sudo npm install -g generator-snow

Then create a new project directory and then initiate the generator:

$ mkdir <project> && cd $_
$ yo snow <project>


To create a new page:

yo snow:page [pagename]

Using the generated project

To install Bower and Component dependencies:

gulp install

During development (compile, watch for changes, run a server):


For deployment (will package and optimise everything):

gulp deploy