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generator-scaffi NPM version

Overall scaffold generator for Third Corner.


Docs are located at scaffi-docs.


First, install Yeoman, Javascript Package Manager (jspm), and generator-scaffi using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js and NPM).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g jspm
npm install -g generator-scaffi

Then generate your new project:

yo scaffi

Developing and Testing

If you make changes to this generator and need to test, run the following while in generator-scaffi:

npm link

This will make it so you can run yo scaffi:* without having to push changes to test

Getting To Know Yeoman

Yeoman has a heart of gold. He's a person with feelings and opinions, but he's very easy to work with. If you think he's too opinionated, he can be easily convinced. Feel free to learn more about him.