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A Yeoman generator for Ruby app boilerplate based on Ruby Starter Kit (Bundler, Guard, ActiveSupport Logger, Rubocop, RSpec, WebMock, Travis, CodeClimate)


Install Ruby 2.3.0 from https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/ or via RVM (https://rvm.io/).

Install yo and this generator globally.

npm install -g yo generator-ruby-starter-kit

Using Yeoman

Navigate to the directory you'd like to use for your project, then run yo ruby-starter-kit.

Basic Guide

Run the app entry point script:

repo=octokit.py bin/app.rb

Run the guard dev env tool:


It will run rubocop on start, will run rubocop inspections on changed files and will re-run all RSpecs and rubocop inspections if you hit Enter in guard window.