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    Primer Module Generator

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    Primer is the CSS framework that powers GitHub's front-end design. This is a Yeoman generator that we use to scaffold new Primer modules.


    In the Monorepo

    1. cd to the top level directory of the primer repository

    2. Run:

      npm run new-module

      You can also pass the module name as a positional argument like this:

      npm run new-module -- primer-module-name
    3. Answer the interactive prompts.

      If you don't know some of the answers (aside from the module name, which is required), it's okay to press enter or return.

    4. If all goes well, the new module will be bootstrapped and ready to use. You should see a directory with this structure:

      ├── LICENSE
      ├── index.scss
      ├── lib
      │   └── module-name.scss
      └── package.json
    5. If you have any TODOs left from unanswered prompts, fill them out! You can list them again with:

      ack TODO modules/primer-module-name

      (Note: you can use grep if you don't have ack installed.)

    Standalone installation

    This repository is distributed with npm. After installing npm, you can install generator-primer-module with this command.

    npm install --save generator-primer-module

    You'll also need to install the yo CLI:

    npm install -g yo

    Standalone usage

    It's possible to use this generator to create "standalone" Primer modules that live outside of the Primer monorepo, with the following caveats:

    • When prompted to add the new module to existing meta-packages, you will need to un-select them all.
    • You will also need to manually install all of the monorepo's top-level devDependencies to get tools like primer-module-build and ava.
    • The npm test command will not work, because it references a test spec in the monorepo.

    To run the generator, just pass primer-module to the yo CLI:

    yo primer-module

    Then answer the interactiv prompts. Note that, unlike most other generators, this one creates a new directory with the provided module name in the current working directory.

    You can also pass the module name as a positional argument, as in:

    yo primer-module primer-foo-bar


    MIT © GitHub


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