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Generator for Polymer 2.0 application with navigation and PRPL pattern loading using Typescript and TWC

TWC (Typed Web Components - see Draccoz/twc for details) allows developers to use Typescript and decorators to create Polymer custom elements. TWC acts as a compiler, translating the Typescript into Polymer ES6 class based elements. There is no runtime library - everything happens in the build step.

This generator is based on the Polymer init starter kit generator, of course.


First ensure you have the Polymer CLI installed. If not use:

npm i -g polymer-cli

Then install this package:

npm i -g generator-polymer-init-twc-starter-kit


Create a new folder for your Polymer 2.0 project, cd into that folder and run polymer init:

mkdir a-new-app-name
cd a-new-app-name
polymer init

Choose the twc-starter-kit option from the list.

Generate Type Definitions for Polymer Elements Installed in Bower

This generator installs a number of Polymer elements via Bower. If you want to work with these in code it would be helpful to have type definitions for them. Fortunately, potts (polymer to typescript - Draccoz/potts), also by the author of twc is available to generate types for all Polymer elements in bower.json. See the working with types in the twc wiki for more details.

potts is installed as a dev dependency by this generator and a script tag is included to run it. In your project root enter:

npm run potts

This will create a file potts.d.ts that contains basic type definitions for Polymer elements installed as bower dependencies.

Compile Typescript

Compile typescript classes to ES6 class based Polymer 2.0 dom modules by running the twc command from the project's root folder.

Serve Your App

polymer serve

Review the TWC Wiki

Documentation on TWC can be found in the Draccoz/twc Wiki.


Please submit issues regarding this generator through github at mlisook generator-polymer-init-twc-starter-kit issues.


Contributions are welcome and appreciated.



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