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    poi-boilerplate yo generator

    This is a yo generator for building domain react frontend components. Install it, run it and start building components!

    For information on the project it generates, see About This Project.

    How to use

    Make sure you are using npm@>=5.2.0

    mkdir co-my-component && cd co-my-component
    npx -p yo -p generator-poi-boilerplate -c 'yo poi-boilerplate'

    yarn failing?

    Then answer the questions truthfully (it'll know if you're lying)


    generator-poi-boilerplate provides a script update-boilerplate to help update repositories built with generator-poi-boilerplate to the latest version.


    In order to use update-boilerplate you'll need to create a personal access token which has permissions to read private repositories:

    Token permissions

    Then, set the environment variable GITHUB_DIFF_TOKEN to the token you've just created

    You can run the following in the command line or add it your .bashrc

    export GITHUB_DIFF_TOKEN=token

    Run update-boilerplate

    Make sure you have npm@>=5.2.0:

    npm install -g npm@latest

    Inside the existing boilerplate generated repository run:

    npx -p willmendesneto/generator-poi-boilerplate -c update-boilerplate

    update-boilerplate will apply the changes from the latest version of boilerplate as a git style merge - so you'll still need to manually fix conflicts.

    Editing the generator

    To create a template file whos filename is replaced by one of the user-entered variables, use the delimiters _- and -_ instead of the ejs style <% and %> (< and > are not allowed on Windows).

    Code architecture

    Here is a selection of the interesting parts:

    ├── .nvmrc
    ├── .editorconfig
    ├── src
    │   ├── js
    │   |   ├── components
    │   │   │   ├── component-name.js
    │   ├── scss
    │   │   └── styles.scss
    │   ├── export.js
    └── test
        └── *.js

    The purpose of a commit is to document one atomic step in the process by which the code evolves from one state to another. The purpose of a change log is to document the noteworthy differences between these states.

    As is the difference between good comments and the code itself, so is the difference between a change log and the commit log: one describes the why, the other the how.

    Keep a log of the significant changes in this file under the Unreleased heading, and tooling will ensure it's versioned.


    This is the main component of this module. If your module exports multiple components, edit a copy of this file, and add that export to export.js.


    This is the export of the module. Usually is a simple import/export to expose any components this module may contain.


    Contains all the style info for this component.

    styles.scss is the entry point for the main stylesheet associated with this component. This entry point is the equivalent to both the export.js and index.js but for styles, rolled into one (due to the way sass works).

    Styling is split up into helpers, and logical groupings, where each grouping has their own structure, and state:

    └── scss
        ├── styles.scss
        ├── _variables.scss (or _mixins.scss or other "helpers")
        ├── some-grouping
        │   ├── _some-grouping-structure.scss
        │   └── _some-grouping-state.scss
        └── another-group
            ├── _another-group-structure.scss
            └── _another-group-state.scss

    The groupings follow the naming pattern:

    -structure.scss: The BEM named styles that setup the base visuals for the component. -state.scss: For classes that are used when states change within the component (eg; .is-selected, .is-active, etc).

    The helpers are the things which don't really fall into the groupings.


    Start writing your tests here. You can make multiple files in this folder, and they will all be executed.

    yarn failing?

    Make sure you're on the latest version of yarn.

    You may be seeing a 404 error, something along the lines of:

    error An unexpected error occurred: "{ORG}/{PACKAGE}/-/{PACKAGE}-1.0.0.tgz: Request failed \"404 Not Found\"".

    Try out these steps to fix things:

    npm logout
    yarn logout
    mv ~/.npmrc ~/.npmrc.bak
    mv ~/.yarnrc ~/.yarnrc.bak
    npm login
    yarn login

    Code Coverage

    The nyc command-line-client for Istanbul has been setup. It will run by default while running tests but minimum coverage is not enforced (as it defaults to 0). You can also see full html coverage reports by running:

    yarn run coverage
    npm run coverage

    To enforce coverage on the component, edit the nyc section in the package.json file and include the minimum lines, statements, functions and branches values. See Configuring nyc for more info.




    npm i generator-poi-boilerplate

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