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A modular Yeoman generator to create or update node modules. It's composed of several subgenerators, relatively unopinionated, usable by themselves. Most but not all input values are remembered.

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what it does

yo nom will ask you which subgenerators to execute, then executes those in order as listed below. Those you successfully ran before will be disabled by default. Run any of them separately with yo nom:*. For example: yo nom:travis to just setup Travis.


Create package.json, .gitignore, install test framework (tape, tap, mocha, grunt, cake, or ava), add LICENSE file (MIT, BSD2 or BSD3). If a package.json already exists, it will be merged, used for default answers and for sort order of the top-level fields. At deeper levels, like dependencies, nom behaves like npm and sorts lexicographically.


Initialize local git repository, unless .git directory exists.


Create public or private GitHub project, named "module-name" or "node-module-name". Unless local git already has configured remotes. Asks for access token and repository owner (which defaults to the owner of the token), skips creation if the repository already exists, adds URLs to package.json and adds remote origin.


Add .travis.yml for node 0.10 and iojs, setup GitHub hook. The travis tool asks for username and password.


Add appveyor.yml for node 0.10 and iojs, setup GitHub hook. Asks for access token.


Create a CLI app (with meow) and add a bin field to package.json. Asks for name and path.

style (todo)

Add standard or xo as a pretest script.


Add with common sections and badges for npm and david. If you did the travis and/or appveyor setup, badges for those services will be added as well.


Create an ES5 or ES6 gulpfile and tasks directory. Installs gulp and if ES6, babel-core.


mkdir my-module
cd my-module
yo nom


Install Yeoman and generator-nom globally with npm:

npm i yo generator-nom -g



  • Gulpfile can be in ES5 or ES6.
  • Disable gulp subgenerator by default
  • A package.json will always be created (for example, when running nom:gulp by itself).
  • Generation of main file (index.js) is optional
  • Move CLI to own subgenerator, with new questions for name and path.
  • Preserve sort order of existing package.json, except for dependencies which are always sorted lexicographically (like npm does).
  • CI targets node 0.10 and 4
  • Install latest npm on AppVeyor
  • Deduce author's name and email from (in order): author field of existing package.json, npm config (legacy formats too) and git config. Because Yeoman reads the git config by spawning git, it is done lazily, as a last resort.
  • Don't humanize author's URL, to keep it "clickable" in editors and other places
  • Author URL is optional
  • Pin Babel to 5

license and acknowledgments

MIT © ironSource. Originally forked from generator-n © Andrei Kashcha. Small parts borrowed from generator-nm © Sindre Sorhus.