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    The simple starter Yeoman generator for angualr 1.x with ES6.

    Getting Started

    What is ng6s?

    A simple starter for angular 1.x with es6. This is a simple yomen generator for those who are looking for using ES6 with angular 1.x

    If you are new to ES6 I would suggest you to go through or


    • Web Component approach.
    • Package management with npm NPM
    • The best practice in directory/file organization for Angular
    • For both small and large scale applications
    • ES6 to ES5 conversion using browserify with babel
    • A ready-to-go build system for working with ES6
    • Tasks for generating additional boilerplate Angular components
    • A full testing system in place

    File Structure

    Besides using ES6 with angular 1.x we want to a way to ensure easy transition to Angular2. So everything in ng6 will look like.

    ----app.js * entry file for app
    ----app.html * template for app
    ----components/ * where most of components live
    ------components.js * entry file for components
    ------home/ * home component
    --------home.js * home entry file
    --------home.component.js * directive for home
    --------home.controller.js * controller for home
    --------home.css * styles for home
    --------home.html * template for home
    --------home.spec.js * specs for home
    ----common/ * where common things in our app live

    Testing Setup

    All test are written in ES6 too because why not! We use Babelify to take care of all the logistics of getting those files run in browsers just like our client files. Our setup is:

    • Karma
    • Mocha
    • Chai

    To run test just npm test or karma start. Read more about testing below


    What do you need to run this:

    • NodeJS Once you have those, you should install these global npm packages:
    • npm i -g karma
    • npm i -g karma-cli

    To install generator-ng6s from npm, run:

    npm install -g generator-ng6s

    How to use it?

    To initiate the generator go to the folder we you want your project and run the following command.

    yo ng6s

    Npm tasks

    We will have following commands.

      npm start

    this will start the production server

      npm run production
    this will start the live reloading dev server

    build your code for production it will generate only two file app.min.js and index.html

    npm test

    It will start your karma tests.

    Generating components

    Following a good practice allows us to guarantee certain things. We can take advantage of these guarantees and use a task to automate things. Because the components we make will almost always have the same structure, we can generate this boilerplate for you. Boilerplate includes:

    • Component folder
    • Component entry file which will import all of its dependencies
    • Component component file, or directive file will will also import its dependencies
    • Component template
    • Component controller
    • Component css
    • Component spec with passing tests already written

    You can create all this by hand, but it gets old fast! To generate a component, we must use the

    yo ng6:component component-name

    component-name is the name of the component you want to create. Be sure to be unique, or it will override an existing component. The component will be created by default on the root of app/components.

    You can pass in a path relative to app/components/ and your component will be made there.

    So running yo ng6:component signup will create a signup component at client/app/components/signup.

    Running yo ng6:component footer and if you give path as../common will create a footer component at app/common/footer.

    Yeoman Generators

    Yeoman travels light. He didn't pack any generators when he moved in. You can think of a generator like a plug-in. You get to choose what type of application you wish to create, such as a Backbone application or even a Chrome extension.

    To install generator-ng6 from npm, run:

    npm install -g generator-ng6

    Finally, initiate the generator:

    yo ng6



    npm i generator-ng6s

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