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generator-ng-scaffold Build Status Built with Grunt

This is a yeoman generator for an AngularJS application scaffold. It's based on ng-scaffold. So the generated files are organized in modules and not "by layer". It also provides a build, test and basic deployment process based on Grunt.

In addition to the main generator (yo ng-scaffold) for the entire application there are two sub-generators. One (yo ng-scaffold:module) is for a new application module, and the other (yo ng-scaffold:service) is for generating an application-wide service.


npm install -g generator-ng-scaffold


  1. Install node.js and npm
  2. $ npm install -g grunt-cli, karma-cli, bower, yo


Prepare project

  1. $ mkdir [my-angular-app] && cd $_
  2. $ yo ng-scaffold | yo ng-scaffold:module | yo ng-scaffold:service

Develop and build process

Start to develop, to test (incl. code coverage with Istanbul and reports with Plato) and finally to build an AngularJS application with one of the following grunt tasks.

  • $ grunt server (default)
  • $ grunt test
  • $ grunt coverage
  • $ grunt report
  • $ grunt release

End-To-End testing with protractor

Run e2e test with protractor:

  1. $ npm install -g protractor
  2. $ webdriver-manager update
  3. $ grunt server
  4. $ protractor test/config/protractor.conf.js



  • AngularJS v1.2.23
  • UI-Router v0.2.10
  • Twitter Bootstrap v3.1.1
  • jQuery v2.1.1
  • Underscore.js v1.6.0
  • Moment.js v2.8.2
  • Modernizr v2.8.3

Build process

  • Grunt v0.4.5
  • Bower v1.3.9
  • Karma v0.12.22