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    Create a next-prismic project with yo

    This generator will create a project with React, Typescript and Next.js to allow server side rendering and improving SEO on our site. Also the result project will be connected to Headless CMS for retrieving data.


    First, install Yeoman and generator-next-prismic using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

    npm install -g yo
    npm install -g generator-next-prismic

    Then to generate your new project (in any other folder) run the following:

    yo next-prismic

    About the generated project

    It will create a React Typescript based project using Next.js framework to allow server side rendering and improving SEO on the site. And all content of the site is fetched from Prismic through a simple API.

    The app is set as a PWA (Progressive Web App) providing:

    • Server-side rendering with Next.js
    • A Node.js Express server with gzip compression
    • In the server an API connected to Prismic to deliver content to the client
    • Offline support with a service worker
    • A manifest and robots.txt files
    • Linting & code formatting with Eslint, Prettier, Airbnb rules ...
    • Styling with SCSS files and with Autoprefixer. Also allows to add custom PostCSS config.
    • A Redux store to get the content from the API

    Next.js dynamic Page content with Prismic (process)

    1. Next-routes matches home route and passes control to Page container.
    2. Page container calls getInitialProps with required path as param.
    3. getInitialProps function makes path adjustments and dispatches getPage with ${pathId} as page id and ${lang} as language of the page
    4. getPage action makes API call /api-page?id=...
      1. server api-page passes request to prismicApi.getDocumentsPage
      2. getDocumentsPage searches in cache content-result-${page}
      3. Assuming we don’t have content-result-${page} in cache, we’re calling getDocument for ${page} with the proper language and all entries from COMMON_DOCUMENTS array. COMMON_DOCUMENTS entries are Prismic types keys (like navbar, footer , etc.)
      4. getPage function assembles all returned data
    5. contentReducer consumes FETCH_CONTENT and change store content
    6. Page component renders page using Helmet, Layout -> ContentBlocks and other components

    Export (Ideal for Serverless approach)

    Now there is an option to generate static HTML version of app executing following command.

    npm run export

    And the app will be built into /build folder. This way we can have in place a system to work with a serverless option.

    About the generator

    The generator is done with Yeoman. Learn more about Yeoman.

    Stay up to date

    In order to stay up to date with the last version of this generator, run the following:

    npm install -g generator-next-prismic


    MIT © Jon Ander Pérez


    npm i generator-next-prismic

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