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react component project generator


First, install Yeoman and generator-mitchallen-react-component using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

Note: You may need to preface npm install -g commands with sudo.

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-mitchallen-react-component

Create and Generate Project

Then generate your new project:

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
yo mitchallen-react-component

React peer dependency

Now react is only installed as a peer dependency. It is assumed that whatever app the component is dropped into will install react. This avoid errors with some libraries that won't compile if two versions of react are found in the same project.

Avoid installing react locally to avoid any future conflicts. To run the tests you may need to install react globally, or push to a ci server that installs react before running your tests. The generated CircleCI script is setup to do that.

How-To Article

For more detailed instructions, see this article:

Continuous Integration Support

There seems to be issues running webpack under TravisCI. So I've made the following changes:

  • Added support for CircleCI
    • Generated projects will now create the following hidden folder and file:
      • .circleci/config.yml
      • You can see it on a Mac/Linux with: ls -la
  • The badge and link generated in the README now point to your project on CircleCI
  • You are now prompted for your CircleCI username instead of your Travis CI username
  • A .travis.yml file is no longer generated
  • You can track my bug report here:
  • When resolved I'll restore support for Travis CI

Getting To Know Yeoman


Install Test Framework

To run the generator tests you will need to globally install jest (

npm install -g jest jest-cli

To test, go to the root folder and type:

npm test


MIT © Mitch Allen

Version History

Version 0.0.44

  • #10 install eslint-config-xo-space locally for generator
  • #9 updated doc re installing react for testing
  • #8 removed test call at the end of the installation script

Version 0.0.43

  • nsp now installed locally

Version 0.0.42

  • Fixes and updates
  • #6 - Updated .circleci/config.yml template to install react
  • #5 - react is now just a peer dependency
  • #4 - added eslint as a dev dependency
  • #3 - updated babel plugins in .babelrc and related packages in package.json

Version 0.0.41

  • Removed duplicate dependencies from generated package.json file
  • Removed unused entries and code from generated Gruntfile.js

Version 0.0.40

  • Updated doc regarding Travis CI

Version 0.0.39

  • Added test coverage calls to generated .circleci/config.yml

Version 0.0.38

  • Added generated test coverage support

Version 0.0.37

  • Added react-test-renderer ^15.6.1 to generated package.json to remove test warnings.

Version 0.0.36

  • Updated dependency versions in generated package.json

Version 0.0.35

  • Added CircleCI support
  • Replaced TravisCI badge link in generated README with CircleCI link
  • Added link to How-To article in this doc.

Version 0.0.34

  • Upgraded local npm to 5.0.3 to resolve readme not being included in published package

Version 0.0.33

  • Corrected documentation on what test framework needs to be installed where
  • Removed link script

Version 0.0.32

  • removed extra code coverage step from .travis.xml

Version 0.0.31

  • Install codecov dev dependency for test coverage
  • Adjusted test-coverage script

Version 0.0.30

  • Add test-coverage script

Version 0.0.29

  • Added codecoverage support to .travis.yml
  • Added a .npmignore file

Version 0.0.28

  • Updated _travis.yml template to install jest

Version 0.0.27

  • Updated .travis.yml to install jest before running generator tests

Version 0.0.26

  • Cleaned up console logging

Version 0.0.25

  • Added note about installing jest globally

Version 0.0.24

  • Updated badges in readme

Version 0.0.23

  • Generator test case now passes --notest option

Version 0.0.22

  • Added --notest flag which will skip test run after package creation

Version 0.0.21

  • Added end routine to run npm test at the end
  • This triggers webpack
  • This causes a side effect causing the generator tests themselves to throw an error (update: use --notest flag to skip)

Version 0.0.20

  • Removed work in progress message from readme


npm i generator-mitchallen-react-component

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