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generator-meteor Build Status

A Meteor project generator for Yeoman. *Updated for Meteor 1.0!



To install yeoman from npm, run:

$ npm install -g yo


To install generator-meteor from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-meteor

Create a new project directory:

$ mkdir your-new-project && cd $_

Initiate the generator:

$ yo meteor

Finally, run Meteor:

$ meteor

NEW View and Collection Generators

Generator-Meteor now supports primitive scaffolding using Yeoman sub-generators

To generate a new Meteor Collection, try using:

$ yo meteor:collection yourCollectionName

To generate a new Meteor Template view/events/helper, try this one out:

$ yo meteor:view viewName

These generators will be extended over time and I hope you make good use of them!

Structure Generated with Iron-Router Enabled

    .gitignore <- contains sensible defaults for files/folders to ignore
    LICENSE <- default empty license file
    smart.json <- meteorite package definition


MIT License