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Thank you for checking out my Yeoman generator.

To use this generator, please ensure you have installed Yeoman globally on your machine, npm install -g yo. Visit for more details.


  • To install:

    • npm install -g generator-ll-prototype
  • To check current version:

    • npm list -g generator-ll-prototype
  • To update:

    • npm update -g generator-ll-prototype
  • Command Line:

    • open up your terminal, type yo and press enter
    • a Yeoman command line interface will provide options to view, install, and update your generators


  • To use:

    • using a terminal, create a new project folder
    • navigate to the new project folder
    • inside of the new project folder run yo ll-prototype

Generator Options

- include Foundation Grid (custom grid build)
- include jQuery
- include Modernizr (HTML5 Shiv)
- include ES6

Project Structure

  • sass-cache/

    • makes compiling faster
    • sass caches parsed documents so that they can be reused without parsing them again unless they have changed
    • git ignored
  • assets/

    • fonts/ - put font files here
    • images/ - put image files here
  • bower_components/

    • location where bower writes dependencies for project
    • git ignored
  • data/

    • json file used in gulp-compile-handlebars plugin
    • allows data to be accessible throughout handlebars templates and partials
  • dist/

    • consists of all assets for deployment
  • node_modules/

    • location where npm writes dependencies for project
    • git ignored
  • partials/

    • handlebars partials that are included in handlebars templates in project
    • used in gulp-compile-handlebars plugin
  • scripts/

    • project js is written here
  • styles/

    • project scss is written here
  • templates/

    • handlebars templates that will be converted to deployable html files


  • please see comments in gulpfile.js for more information but basically Gulp will:

    • lint and minify js
    • transpile ES6 to ES5
    • compile and minify sass (scss)
    • compile handlebars templates (and partials) into .html files
    • watch files for any changes and run tasks when changes are made
    • fire up a server for local developmemt at localhost:4000 with livereload
    • create a dist folder for deployment

Issues Updating Generator

  • if still running old version after update:

    • may need to do a npm cache clean
    • run npm cache clean
    • run npm update -g generator-ll-prototype
  • if still running old version after clear npm cache:

    • run DEBUG=yeoman:* yo
    • in the command line look for responses that begin with yeoman:environment and show the file path to the generator
    • navigate to that location and delete the generator folder
    • run DEBUG=yeoman:* yo
    • there should not be any responses listed now
  • if still running old version after clear npm cache and debug:

    • uninstall generator by running npm uninstall -g generator-ll-prototype
    • reinstall generator by running npm install -g generator-ll-prototype



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