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    A Yeoman generator for creating Liferay Elm projects, using the amazing Create Elm App for a fast and easy development with no build configuration. To create a build for Liferay, it uses the liferay-npm-bundler from the very useful Liferay JS Toolkit.


    Node >=10 is required for installation.

    First, install Yeoman and generator-liferay-elm using npm (assuming you have pre-installed node.js).

    npm install -g yo generator-liferay-elm

    Then generate your new project:

    yo liferay-elm

    You can also try it locally by cloning the repo and running npm link inside the project.

    Getting started

    Once the project generated:

    cd my-elm-project
    yarn start

    Where my-elm-project is the default name provided by the generator. Change it accordingly to the name you choose.

    If you choose the pre-configured Liferay Docker environment, you might want to start it with:

    docker-compose up -d

    Build your app for Liferay:

    yarn build:liferay

    Deploy your app to Liferay:

    yarn deploy:liferay

    Run tests:

    yarn test
    # or in watch mode
    yarn test --watch

    The first time, you might see this message: INFO: Running elmi-to-json for the first time; downloading the actual binary. Simply run the command again.

    Install a new package (e.g. elm/svg):

    yarn run elm-install elm/svg

    This generator gives you scripts that are aliases to the one provided by Create Elm App (e.g. yarn start for elm-app start). To learn more about the tasks available for your project, directly checkout this guide.

    Trying it locally

    If you to try this generator on your local machine, feel free to clone this repo and run the following commands:

    # install dependencies:
    # make it available for yeoman:
    npm link


    If you want to see and try some examples, checkout this dedicated repository:

    What is Elm?

    As the official site states, Elm is a delightful language for reliable webapps. How? By providing features such as:

    • No Runtime Exceptions
    • Great Performance
    • Enforced Semantic Versioning
    • Small Assets
    • JavaScript Interop

    The best way to learn Elm is to follow the official guide. You can try Elm with this online editor.

    You can also checkout this non-exhaustive list of nice talks about Elm:




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