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Yeoman generator for building jQuery plugins with Karma and Jasmine. Based on the jQuery Boilerplate by @zenorocha

OMG, we codin' so fast!

Getting Started

  1. Install the generator by running: npm install -g generator-karma-jquery
  2. Run: yo karma-jquery
  3. Run: grunt to start up Karma on port 9876 and a LiveReload server on port 9000
  4. Write your plugin with tests. Conquer the internets.

Grunt Tasks

Task Description
default Start a Karma server on port 9876 and a LiveReload server on port 9000
report Run Karma and generate code coverage reports in test/coverage and browser reports in test/report
server Run a LiveReload server on port 9000
release Concat and minify JavaScript and output to dist directory

Soul-crushing Gotchas

Karma tests must be in the active browser tab. This means you should connect to the LiveReload server in a separate browser window. Otherwise everything will be really slow. And you'll be bummed.

What's Included


MIT License