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JHipster blueprint, this jhipster blueprint allows to generate server code with composte key using custom annotations


This is a JHipster blueprint, that is meant to be used in a JHipster application.


As this is a JHipster blueprint, we expect you have JHipster and its related tools already installed:


With NPM

To install this blueprint:

npm install -g generator-jhipster-composite-key-server

To update this blueprint:

npm update -g generator-jhipster-composite-key-server

With Yarn

To install this blueprint:

yarn global add generator-jhipster-composite-key-server

To update this blueprint:

yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster-composite-key-server


To use this blueprint, run the below command

jhipster --blueprint composite-key-server

Running local Blueprint version for development

During development of blueprint, please note the below steps. They are very important.

  1. Link your blueprint globally

Note: If you do not want to link the blueprint(step 3) to each project being created, use NPM instead of Yarn as yeoman doesn't seem to fetch globally linked Yarn modules. On the other hand, this means you have to use NPM in all the below steps as well.

cd composite-key-server
npm link
  1. Link a development version of JHipster to your blueprint (optional: required only if you want to use a non-released JHipster version, like the master branch or your own custom fork)

You could also use Yarn for this if you prefer

cd generator-jhipster
npm link

cd composite-key-server
npm link generator-jhipster
  1. Create a new folder for the app to be generated and link JHipster and your blueprint there
mkdir my-app && cd my-app

npm link generator-jhipster-composite-key-server
npm link generator-jhipster (Optional: Needed only if you are using a non-released JHipster version)

jhipster -d --blueprint composite-key-server


Apache-2.0 © Youssef El Houti



to test your changes, just run npm test, this will check that generated code matches matches the in test/samples/

If you change the sample project code, in that folder run: ./gradlew -x webpack clean test integrationTest to make sure your changes don't break generated code.

You can also run e2e tests using the project: which support composite keys (change protractor config to use server on localhost:8080 instead of localhost:9000) first start the sample project: ./gradlew -x webpack

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