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A yeoman generator for hoodie apps.

Getting started

  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-hoodie
  • Run: yo hoodie


After you scaffolded your project, you'll recognize a lot of folders and files in your project folder. Per default, hoodie serves files from a www folder, but that does not exist. Why you ask? Because we use grunt for development and it takes care of serving the files for our project!


  • Run grunt server. This will start hoodie in the background and open up a browser tab, serving files from http://localhost:9000 per default. Now grunt takes care of compiling the jade and stylus files, will reload the tab on changes in our code and so on.


  • When the hoodie app is ready for prime time, run grunt build. This will minimize and concat all the js, css, optimize images and so on. All these production ready files end up in the www folder.
  • Copy the www folder and the package.json to your server.
  • Run npm install in the project folder on your server to get all the dependencies (namely hoodie).
  • Start your app by calling hoodie start in the project folder on your server.

Now hoodie should be running on some port it'll tell you in the command line. If you didn't see which one, check the data/stack.json file which contains the ports for your hoodie app, the admin console and the couchdb.


MIT License