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A Yeoman generator for scaffolding HanBootStrap into all types of projects. Consolidated from the generator-hbs-standard, generator-hbs-requirejs, and generator-hanbs-wp projects.

How to use

  • Install with NPM: npm install -g generator-hanbs
  • Open a console at the the root of your project
  • Enter yo hanbs and follow the prompts to scaffold your project

New features

Version 0.1.4: Bugfix to class subgenerator

Version 0.1.3: Updated the class and controller subgenerators to write hanbs.json if it does not exist, so you can use those generators as standalones, or have different configurations per folder. Updated the controller subgenerator to use the node path module and to allow dot-separated controller names like class.

Version 0.1.2 adds a new "class" subgenerator that you can use to scaffold HanBS-compatible classes. The syntax is: yo hanbs:class ClassName

If you add dots or slashes to the class name, the class will be put into a subfolder, e.g. yo hanbs:class util.StringUtils will be created as util/StringUtils.js under your application's JavaScript path.

As of version 0.1.0, your initial settings will be saved to hanbs.json for future use.

Scaffolding controllers

  • Open a console at the root of your project
  • Enter yo hanbs:controller "myController"
  • If you have a saved hanbs.json file, your settings will be loaded. Otherwise you'll be prompted for the file path and namespace.


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